• Buses

    From Aug. 26, 2017, Jeju gets a new, improved bus system. Use buses to travel around Jeju Island. It’s faster, easier and cheaper!

    1,200 won will take you anywhere on the island
    If you pay with a rechargeable bus card, the fee is 1,150 won (Express buses cost 2,000 to 4,000 won per person, per trip))
    8 express bus routes link new stops with Jeju Int’l Airport
    From the airport it will be possible to get anywhere on the island in under an hour
    The trunk routes connect major sightseeing spots
    Whether you’re travelling east or west, the new bus system will provide you with helpful information at bus stops and in the bus. Learn more about schedules, sightseeing info, and, of course, safety
    With new express lanes, Jeju buses can get you to your destination quickly!
    Plan your trip to make the most of the express buses to avoid traffic jams. See the city and island quickly and comfortably
    More buses, new design, free Wi-Fi
    The number of buses in service will jump from 530 to 797. Their color scheme is set to easily identify the express, trunk and branch routes at a glance. You can also rely on free Wi-Fi along the way