15 wellness tourist spots selected by the JTO (Winter)


COVID-19 has changed the way we enjoy travel. Now we do it to calm our exhausted bodies and minds. Healing has become a major trend, transcending the simple pleasures of seeing, eating and experiencing. The Jeju Tourism Organization is working towards revitalizing the local tourism market, one which has been severely affected by the pandemic, by publishing 15 wellness tourist spots selected based on their unique and clean environments, natural healing and more. This is wellness tourism that is open all year round.

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How about a different experience this winter?15 wellness tourist spots selected by the JTO (Winter)

COVID-19 has changed the way we enjoy travel. Now we do it to calm our exhausted bodies and minds. Healing has become a major trend, transcending the simple pleasures of seeing, eating and experiencing. The Jeju Tourism Organization is working towards revitalizing the local tourism market, one which has been severely affected by the pandemic, by publishing 15 wellness tourist spots selected based on their unique and clean environments, natural healing and more. This is wellness tourism that is open all year round.

Indulge in the beauty of a landmark Seogwipo park[Nature/Forest Healing] Jeju Dawon Green Tea Maze Park
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

This scenic spot is located about 500 meters above sea level on Hallasan Mountain. A maze of green tea fields and pristine green tea trees, this 165,000 m2 garden was built in 1996. It became a popular tourist destination due to its changing scenery throughout the year. There are cute photo zones set up around the park, and there are green tea maze games that children can play happily. But the charm of the Jeju Dawon comes from its excellent view of the southern sea. On clear days, you can see Marado and Gapado islands on the horizon.

The Green Tea Maze Park is divided into distinct zones for you and your family to explore. Take selfies at the various photo zones set up at the observatory and flower garden for instance. You can even bring your pet dog into the park!

A nature theme park with 50 years of history[Nature/Forest Healing] Hallim Park
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Hallim Park first opened in 1971. Its founder, Song Bong-gyu, was a passionate believer in greening the once sandy area in and around Hallim, west of Jeju City.

Now, 50+ years on, the park is larger and more varied than ever. The park holds a wide range of monthly festivals celebrating, daffodils, plum blossoms, tulips, cherry blossoms, bougainvillea, hydrangeas, cosmos, among many other species.

Hallim Park offers nine themed areas. There is the Subtropical Botanical Garden, the Palm Tree Trail, Sanya Grass Garden, Hyeopjae Cave, Ssangyong Cave, Jeju Seokbunjae Garden, Jaeam Folk Village, the Safari Bird Garden, Jaeam Stone Hall, and the Pond Garden. 

There is too much to list here, but it’s notable that the park’s younger visitors especially love viewing the ostriches and peacocks up close. 

Fall in love with the lushness of the largest camellia arboretum in the East [Nature/Forest Healing] Camellia Hill
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

When people think of Jeju in winter, they conjure up images of its red camellia blossoms. Camellia Hill, which is said to be the largest camellia arboretum in the East, offers visitors the chance to view 500 varieties of camellia trees and 6,000 trees from 80 countries.

You have to see it for yourself. In winter, dozens of Asian and European camellia flowers bloom in white and red as it gets colder. When the wind blows, the camellia petals fall to create an elegant atmosphere and beautiful photo spot. The good news is that Jeju’s camellia start to bloom from autumn and continue until spring, so there’s plenty of time to see them for yourself!

Fun in a cypress forest at the foot of Banong Volcanic Cone[Healing/Meditation] Jeju Best Hill
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Jeju Best Hill is located at the foot of Banong Oreum Volcanic Cone in an area of Jeju Gotjawal forest. Here you can take long healing walks, stay the night in their glamping facilities, and even try your hand at flying a drone in their indoor drone park. These are all great fun for the whole family.

Another feature of this camp village is its clean and spacious manicured grass field to spend time in and the hot air balloon which was even featured in a photo-op for the world-famous K-pop group BTS!

Jeju Best Hill is about 15 kilometers from Jeju Airport. It’s a convenient choice for those who want to enjoy a comfortable nature tour and see other sites like the nearby Eco Land Theme Park, Jeju Stone Park, and Saryeoni Forest Road.

Jeju Best Hill Pension & Glamping

Address: 2109-36 Namjo-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si (제주시 조천읍 남조로 2109-36)

Phone: 070-4400-3300

Time travel to a remote, rustic land[Healing/Meditation] Osulloc Tea Stone Tea Class
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

The tea house built next to the Osulloc Tea Museum is an unusual tea ceremony space with an attractive architectural design. It is inspired by the motif of ink and inkstone, which are tools that symbolize the famous Korean scholar and poet Chusa Kim Jeong-hee, who was exiled to Jeju Island in the 1840s. 

Osulloc Tea Stone Tea Class operates on a reservation basis only, but you can make a reservation in advance at any time on their homepage. Each class is only a small group, so you can benefit from one-on-one instruction and get the feel of what it’s like to participate in a real tea ceremony. The moment you take a sip of fermented tea, your body and mind begin to feel lighter and energized. 

A house in the woods where you can sleep well, eat well, and relax[Healing/Meditation] Cheongjae Seolheon
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Cheongjae Seolheon operates under the slogan “Bed and Breakfast”. It first opened November 2000, and the owner takes pride in having breakfast together with guests. Unlike luxurious hotels and other lodging facilities, its facilities are very simple. As it is located at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, you can see the summit from here.

Citrus trees, a grassy area, and flower beds are well-maintained and are a pleasant touch. During the day, you can open your window and enjoy reading while listening to the cozy sounds of nature. 

Cheongjae Seolheon

Address: 135-18 Injeongoreum-ro, Seogwipo-si (서귀포시 인정오름로 135-18)

Phone: 064-732-2020

Meditation, a traditional way to relax [Healing/Meditation] Jeju Batdam Forest
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

In Jeju Island, stone walls are built on the outskirts of the fields to protect the field farming crops and block the wind. Jeju Batdam Forest, which is located in the rural area of Gimnyeong, has accommodations and experience rooms surrounded by forest on all sides. 

It has been in operation for over 10 years and is made up of seven lodgings behind the lounge and restaurant building. These eco-friendly houses are built with Jeju stones and natural volcanic soil that does not require cement or artificial building materials. 

There is a meditation room next to the accommodations, and any visitor can use it freely. Various herbs such as chamomile, lavender, and sage are grown in the small field out front. There is no set time to meditate, guests can rest easy. The only caveat? If you eat the natural healthy food prepared carefully by the owner, meals at Jeju Batdam Forest are shared in a common dining area, rather than separately.

Jeju Batdam Forest

Address: 55-64 Gimnyeongnam 8-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si (제주시 구좌읍 김녕남8길 55-64)

Phone: 010-3654-1504

A high-quality spa with premium services [Beauty/Spa] Lotte Hotel V Spa
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Lotte Hotel Jeju, located in the Jungmun Tourist Complex in Seogwipo, is a recreational facility well known for its premium class facilities. Its V Spa service specializes in the Swiss premium anti-aging brand Valmont and France’s No.1 cosmetic brand Thalgo. The delicate touch of a professionally trained therapist will offer one-on-one help for you to find balance between your body and mind.

※ Reservations are required for all of V Spa’s popular programs.

Lotte Hotel V Spa

Address: 35 Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Seogwipo-si (서귀포시 중문관광로72번길 35)

Phone: 064-731-4007

A cozy space that relieves tension [Beauty/Spa] Sweet Hotel Aroma
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Located in the Jungmun Tourist Complex, Sweet Hotel Aroma is an aroma specialty shop that is popular with young customers for its economical yet luxury therapeutic services that are comparable to those available at luxury hotels.

Upon entering, you first sit at a foot bath and wash your feet for a while to increase your body temperature. After that, you will be greeted by a professional masseuse to relieve physical fatigue and tension in your legs, shoulders, and back, perhaps caused by exposure to cold weather or a long hike.

※ Reservations are required.

Sweet Hotel Aroma

Address: 67 Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Seogwipo-si (서귀포시 중문관광로72번길 67)

Phone: 064-738-3969

Jeju’s only hotel spa with Darphin service[Beauty/Spa] Phoenix Le Soleil Therapy
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

The Le Soleil Therapy Center consists of a spa, couple rooms, and private rooms. It is located in Seongsan Phoenix Hotels & Resorts, and is the only hotel spa where you can experience treatments by therapists who have completed professional training in the French Darphin product line. 

One more bonus is the free use of the Seongsan Phoenix Hotel & Resort swimming pool and sauna facilities if you are a Le Soleil patron prior to, or after, your massage.

※ Reservations are required.

Phoenix Le Soleil Therapy

Address: 1F, Blue-dong, Phoenix Jeju Island Resort, 107 Seopjikoji-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si 

(서귀포시 성산읍 섭지코지로 107 휘닉스제주아일랜드리조트 블루동 1층)

Phone: 064-731-7709

The only Aragonite mineral-rich hot spring in Jeju [Beauty/Spa] The Annex Hotel Hot Spring
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Just as you would naturally find a cool swimming pool in the hot summer delightful, there are times when soaking in hot water in winter is just what the doctor ordered. 

Aragonite's high-temperature hot spring water facility is a healing facility that The Annex Hotel is very proud of. While most of the hot springs in Korea are low-temperature hot springs, Aragonite hot springs measures 42°C emanating from deep underground. It is rich in calcium and carbon dioxide, so the springs are known to help with metabolism and circulation.

※ Reservations are required.

Showing individuals, couples, and families how to rest and heal[Meeting/Enjoyment Healing] Jeju Yeoga Village
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Jeju Yeoga Village is located in Waheul village, an interesting rural area east of Jeju City which preserves the tradition and diversity of Jeju Batdam stone walls, an important agricultural heritage.  

Jeju Yeoga Village offers education and healing programs like a café alley tour with Jeju native camellia flowers and mandarin fields, a tour bus program that takes you on a guided tour around local hidden spots, and more.

※ Jeju Yeoga Village is not a tourist destination with regular hours of operation. The contents of the experience programs change every season as well. So it is best to contact them in advance before visiting.

Jeju Yeoga Village

Address: 360 Jowa-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si (제주시 조천읍 조와로 360)

Phone: 064-783-9949

The story of Marado[Meeting/Enjoyment Healing] Marado Island Tour
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

Korea’s southernmost island of Marado has an island tour program where residents become guides and commentators to explain the nature, culture, history, and life history of Marado. 

Marado Island Tour not only provides new attractions and experiences for visitors, but also helps travelers to see the island by renting electric bicycles and other equipment for the elderly, thereby increasing visitor satisfaction.

Try some Marado fish cake croquettes that are made with ingredients harvested by local haenyeo women divers, as well as traditional, seasonal lunch boxes.

※ The Marado Island Tour is operated by reservation only, so please make sure to call before visiting.

Marado Island Tour Information Center

Address: 65 Mara-ro, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si (서귀포시 대정읍 마라로 65)

Phone: 010-6437-1970

A region of Jeju with a long history of camellias[Meeting/Enjoyment Healing] Camellia Village in Sinheung
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

In the past, camellia oil was generally used for hair and skin care, but in fact on Jeju Island camellia oil made its way into food and as a folk remedy for coughs.

In Sinheung Village in Seogwipo, the camellia features in a bibimbap (mixed rice) making experience program and camellia soap making, all using oils grown and pressed by local residents. These fun activities are practical as well, since the natural ingredients are pure and healthy.

A genuine Jeju cultural space in Sehwa Village[Meeting/Enjoyment Healing] Jilgeuraengi Center
제주관광공사 선정 웰니스관광지 15선<겨울편> ‘제주愛, 힐링愛 취하다'

This center, which was opened along the coast by the Sehwa Village Cooperative Association has office space for Sehwa-ri official business on the first floor, a cafe and local food store on the second floor, and a Gujwa-eup resident travel agency and a tourist center on the third floor. The 4th floor provides accommodations for travelers.

Café 477+ on the second floor of the Jilgeuraengi Center, which can be used by any visitor to Sehwa-ri, has a modern interior and tidy facilities suitable for travelers. It also sells simple drinks and baked goods.

Jilgeuraengi Center

Address: 46-9 Sepyeonghang-ro, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si (제주시 구좌읍 세평항로 46-9)

Phone: 010-4928-9298

※ The above program information is operated on a reservation basis and/or may change depending on the weather, participant numbers, COVID-19 conditions, and so forth, so please call to confirm in advance of you departure.

※ The above information was written on 2020-10-30. Please confirm the information prior to your trip.
※ Unauthorized use of the content above (text, photos and videos) is prohibited and subject to copyright by the Jeju Tourism Organization.