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Like visiting grandma’s place: Jeju stone house accommodations_돌집숙소.jpg
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    Like visiting grandma’s place

    Jeju stone house accommodations

    Depending on what you’d like to experience on a trip to Jeju Island, there are a number of essential elements to the trip that you need to choose from. These are things like which destinations you’d like to visit and how you’ll get around (bus? rental car?). Then there’s the all-important choice of accommodations that will best suit you — a luxury hotel, a large resort, a luxurious pool villa, or a bed and breakfast, among other choices. But if you’re a traveler who wants a peek into the real lives of real Jeju islanders, then take note. There are a variety of unique accommodations here established in remodeled Jeju traditional homes. These old dwellings exude an ambiance which is second to none. For those who spend their urban lives in concrete buildings, just seeing some of Jeju Island’s traditional building materials and designs will be a moment to marvel. Read on!

    Heading back in time to Jeju’s days of old

    Yanggeumseok Thatched-roof House

    This place isn’t actually open for guests, but if you’d like to see firsthand an authentic traditional Jeju home, then this spot on the southeast slope of Hallasan Mountain should be on your bucket list. It was built more than 80 years ago and is designated a Jeju folklore cultural asset.

    Located in Sinrye Village, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo, you enter the past from the moment you pass through its gate and into the courtyard. Walk among the thatched-roof structures and ponder the lives of islanders in their simpler, rustic surroundings.

    Yanggeumseok Thatched-roof House (양금석 가옥)

    Address 3-6 Sinrye-ro 298-beongil, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo
    Phone 064-760-2655

    A green garden and outdoor terrace with Jeju on display

    Sinchon Doljip

    On Jeju you can find a kind of front gate unique to the island — a three-tiered fence of stone and wood that can be “set” by the owners to tell passersby whether they’re at home or not and for how long. (For details on how to read the message left by the number of poles and their setting on the fence, click on this article and scroll down to the “Housing” section

    Fortunately, if you stay at Sinchon Doljip, you’re likely to find the gate set to welcome guests. Once you walk up the lane, you’ll see a large yard of green grass and flowers, surrounded by hedges and a traditional black basalt stone wall. Inside the stone house is a beautiful display of the old traditional wooden rafters set among a whitewashed ceiling. And out on the wooden terrace, hammocks and comfortable deck chairs are there to welcome guests. Overall, Shinchon Doljip is a great place for families (up to four members), friends or significant others to spend quality time together — especially barefoot on the lush grass!

    Sinchon Doljip (신촌돌집)

    Address 30 Sinchon 5-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju City
    Phone 010-8660-4772

    Next to the sea, a different Jeju within Jeju

    Blind Whale

    This quintessential Jeju house is located right next to the ocean along a side street in Jocheon-eup. This remodelled old home can comfortably accommodate between two and six guests. It has a substantial yard that features bamboo trees and lawn. There are two queen size beds, an open-air bath and whirlpool spa, kitchen, individual BBQ deck and terrace, and parking. Though fully modern in the interior, the remodelling remains true to the original design of the house, its inner wooden rafters and outer stone walls. 

    This pension is located in the Jocheon area, one of the points farthest north on the island proper. The building is designed with the elements in mind: its location next to the sea means that it is subjected to its fair share of wind and salt water spray. But as you can see from its modern upgrade, it remains suitably sturdy and squat — looking not unlike a whale with its curved, dark form. As guests, you’ll be protected from the elements by this brilliant structure, so enjoy a barbecue in the yard by the sea and spend the night in one of Jeju’s amazing and unique guest houses.

    Blind Whale (눈먼고래)

    Address 19-12 Jocheon 7-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju City
    Phone 0504-0904-2005

    A Jeju ‘Geo House’ along a geological trail

    Imo wa Samchon ne Guest House

    If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Geo House”, it refers to a environmentally branded product that is part of the Global Geopark Network’s mandate to responsibly promote an area’s geological and cultural attributes. This guest house is the eighth in an island-wide network of geo-themed accommodations (you’ll notice the cute mascots painted on the walls, including a carrot which the region of Gujwa-eup is famous for.

    This quiet seaside village is near the emerald water at Gimnyeong Beach and the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site of the Manjanggul Lava Tube System. The mainly flat region has both a lovely Geo Trail and Jeju Olle walking trail No. 20, so there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. If you are looking for a quaint, quiet place with a warm and welcoming feeling, why not try Imo wa Samchon ne Guest House? 

    Imo wa Samchon ne Guest House (이모와 삼촌네)

    Address 44 Gimnyeong-ro 19-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju City
    Phone 010–9081–4184

    Stay in an old house with your new friend

    Hardwoods Guest House

    This guest house is owned by a newlywed couple and author of a book on old homes like the one they refurbished and now run. This particular edifice was built by hand over 100 years ago. The new owners were told that it would be easier just to tear it down and start fresh, but they decided to preserve the century-old handcrafted workmanship. Now it is a unique and beloved space where visitors can rest their heads and take in its history and craftsmanship. 

    Lounging in a wooden deck chair, coffee in hand, take in the vast blue sky above the low roof of the building. This sense of space can be invigorating to visitors, especially those who live in urban centers with skies dominated by tall buildings. Staying in an old home like this 100-year-old building is such a special experience that the stay itself can be a significantly meaningful, cherished memory on your Jeju trip. 

    Hardwoods Guest House (활엽수 게스트하우스)

    Address 44 Sangmodaeseo-ro 20-beongil, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo
    Phone 010-9074-9589

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